Our Mission
NAATE's mission is to develop, leverage, and retain our nation's top-tier
teachers for improved student and school performance through an
intense, advanced program of study that balances instructional mastery
and leadership.

The National Academy of Advanced Teacher Education
NAATE is a rigorous program of learning that cultivates an elite corps of extraordinary teacher leaders committed to the classroom and dedicated to closing the achievement gap in our nation's high-needs schools.
NAATE is a rigorous program of learning that takes the very best teachers and makes them better,
inside and outside their classrooms, enabling them to address the achievement gap directly and with their peers.
NAATE Teacher Fellows stay teaching longer and better, and help lift their peers as informal leaders.
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A huge thank you to @30hands for coming down to Newport, RI to work with the NAATE Team this morning!
Oct 21

We're looking forward to welcoming back Cohort IV on Nov. 13th in Wilmington, DE! #naatehttp://t.co/aRGuWz510a
Oct 16

http://t.co/pQxN1w7K7W Check out the Sontag Prize in Urban Education, an opportunity for top teachers to collaborate & build their practice.
Oct 16
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