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Job embedded professional learning at its best.

After ten years serving over 1,000 educators from 25 states, 35 cities and over 100 charter, district and faith-based school networks across the country, NAATE has adapted its content, pedagogy and approach to introduce a novel series of professional development modules tailored to the needs of all educators serving K-12 students across the sector.
The 350 hour NAATE residential curriculum has been condensed and streamlined to fit the budgets and time constraints of busy schools. From 1,000 pages of readings, 60+ case studies and 20+ days away from home, NAATE introduces its Field Modules: 48 hours of self-facilitated, discussion-based learning conducted virtually or inside your school building.

It is job-embedded professional learning at its best. The same attention to content curation and underlying research; The same emphasis on mindset shifting conceptual understandings so vital to professional growth and school performance, and the same belief in the power of peer-to-peer, discussion-based methods of adult learning. Mindsets must shift for practices to change. NAATE Field Modules allow for the necessary interaction, reflection and metacognitive stretching required to see those deep changes in your work with students and with other adults in your school.

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What's new?
NAATE Core Curriculum
~ Distilled to 48 hours of dense, self-paced, one hour sessions
~ Now self-facilitated in groups as small as 5 or larger than 120
~ Licensed to schools and used by educators within school buildings
~ Self-paced in groups
~ Follow a proscribed sequence or select relevant topics
~ Use as the foundation for extended PD sessions

NAATE Field Modules
Self-facilitated, discussion-based learning in 10 Modules and 48 Sessions. You can design multiple years of high quality professional development for your whole staff or select groups. Our Field Modules will provide educators with the conceptual understandings and pragmatic approaches to everyday challenges of work in schools with students and with peers.

True school-embedded, high quality professional learning
~ Deepen instructional practices and assessment
~ Strengthen leadership and interpersonal competencies
~ Develop ability to form and lead teams
~ Prepare staff for cultural and organizational change
~ Develop social emotional competence
~ Explore and strengthen diversity, equity and inclusion capacity
~ Apply critical thinking and reasoning concepts
~ Improve adult learning throughout your building

It's easy to get started. Four simple steps:
1. Contact us to request a License Agreement
2. Execute License Agreement
3. Make full payment
4. Use Access Code to download Sessions
The initial license is good for two school years and can be extended beyond that.

Applications/Use Cases
1. Use in small groups as the core of ongoing professional development during common planning time
2. Use for whole school professional development sequence each year
3. Incorporate NAATE Field Modules into more extended professional development half day or full day sessions designed by you and tailored to your needs
4. Use in face-to-face or virtual environments

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