My administrative team respects what I've done with NAATE and they actually took my advice. And for me to actually see what I've implemented in the building, and to see that it actually worked with the staff – it was very groundbreaking."
– La Toya
5th Grade Reading Teacher
Brick Church College Prep
The outlay of money compared to finding new teachers, or paying for a professional development who does not understand our context or our reality, pales in comparison to what our current members of our school community are doing once they come back and share with their colleagues."
– Morty Ballen
Explore Charter School
We can see an immediate impact now and we can measure the impact. They have been the 'spark plugs' to re-engage with issues. Measuring the success is going to be incremental. We will see [even more] success two or three years down the road, because the teachers we have chosen we believe will be key leaders within educational reform."
– Dylan Gruver
Director of HR
Friendship Public Charter School

As University researchers have repeatedly demonstrated, schools are complicated and attempting to identify the impact of general purpose professional development interventions on student achievement gains is not a reliable endeavor. There are, however, a number of ways to discern whether a highly designed intervention has effects that improve and retain the very high performing teachers the sector needs. Over ten years and 1,000+ educators served, NAATE has attempted to shift the mindsets and conceptual understandings of already exemplary teachers and teacher leaders. The documents below provide various looks at performance, retention and improvement, as measured by NAATE researchers and outside organizations.

NAATE Research Brief: Increased Teacher Leadership
NAATE Research Brief: Increased Cognitive Complexity
NAATE Research Brief: Teacher Retention

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