Our Mission
NAATE's mission is to develop, leverage, and retain our nation's top-tier
educators for improved student and school performance through an
intense, advanced program of study that balances instructional mastery
and leadership.

The National Academy of Advanced Teacher Education
NAATE's answer to job-embedded professional learning -

NAATE Field Modules

The 350 hour NAATE residential curriculum condensed and streamlined to fit the budgets and time constraints of busy schools, conducted virtually, face-to-face, or a combination.

NAATE has served over 1,000 educators from 25 states, 35 cities and over 100 charter, district and faith-based school networks.

The message has been consistent:

"We need access to high quality materials to grow in our profession!"
NAATE has responded by building an integrated suite of curated learning sessions tailored to adaptation by individual schools and school staffs.

"This is what job-embedded professional learning should look like."
  • Use them on teacher teams in common planning time
  • Use them for your leadership team
  • Use them for your whole staff
  • Use them in network wide PD
  • Use them virtually, face-to-face, or a combination
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"Peer-to-peer, discussion-based learning tailored for educators."

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