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The NAATE Curriculum

Coursework in this domain cultivates the competencies and mindsets of teacher leaders with the skills and understanding necessary to influence, support, develop and lead peers and other adults.

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Communication & Feedback
This module provides the foundation necessary for participants to effectively influence others through an understanding of the principles of interpersonal communications, effective listening, speaking and providing feedback.
Organizational Effectiveness
This module helps to expose teachers to the ways in which organizations function, examining the relationship between organizational structure and organizational culture, and the levers available to organizations and individuals seeking to make school - or network-level improvements.
This module explores workgroups and the ways in which teams are created, managed and facilitated. It includes an examination of the elements identified by researchers as critical to developing high-performing peer-led teams.
This module introduces participants to a broad range of leadership concepts and models, delving into the unique challenges of leading without formal authority and the ways in which individuals manage responsibility through influence and power without positional authority.
Adult Learning
This module exposes participants to adult learning theory, equipping them with an understanding of how to design and lead professional learning experiences in "one-to-one," "one-to-few," and "one-to-many" settings with professional colleagues.

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