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Coursework in this domain deepens the instructional capacity of top-tier teachers, emphasizing intentionality in instructional planning and implementation, metacognitive understanding of practice, and shifting the cognitive load to students.

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Efficacy & Equity
This module begins with an exploration of the personal-the way in which perspective and implicit bias shapes one's decisions and actions, and moves onto an examination of specific instructional strategies to engage students with diverse needs.
Advanced Student Assessment
This module gets to the heart of the purpose and power of assessment, allowing teachers who are versed in data-driven instructional practices to reexamine the varied purposes of feedback and assessment.
Critical Thinking & Reasoning
This module engages participants in the intellectual work of how to deepen student capacity to make meaning and construct understanding by examining various aspects of instructional practices.
Pedagogical Content Knowledge
This module explores the role that teacher knowledge of content, curriculum and students plays in learning, and is especially attentive to the sophistication and skill necessary to translate teacher knowledge of a topic or concept into student understanding.
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