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Teacher Leader Program

A deep exploration of classroom mastery coupled with the skills and mindset needed to support and lead peers constitute the dual domains of NAATE's Teacher Fellow Program. Clusters of top tier teachers from schools across the country come together for a rigorous case-based program examining real world problems of daily practice. Readings are diverse and balance research, theory, and practice (see The NAATE Curriculum).

"I knew that if this is what the pre-work looked like … we had a lot of challenging intense work ahead of us. That is what I was looking for … to be pushed and challenged as a teacher.” – Jessica Mansouri

Who Qualifies for the Teacher Leader Program?

Rigor, drive, humility and perseverance. A NAATE Teacher Fellow must meet a demanding set of criteria in order to fully benefit from our program. As such, principals must be involved in the nomination and selection process. The coursework will challenge even the most scholarly and not all who qualify are able to endure. The below table provides the critical traits necessary for teachers to excel within NAATE.


  • Top-tier performer
  • K-12
  • Second stage
  • Core content area
  • Capacity to lead adults


  • Zeal for professional growth
  • Intellectual curiosity and capacity
  • The will to question beliefs, values and ideas
  • Ability to be reflective
  • Receptive to new ideas and approaches
  • Strong collaborator
  • Positioned to increase influence within school
  • Stamina and perseverance
  • Committed to classroom teaching and remaining in the classroom for at least two years
  • Arrive in small cluster from participating school

Teacher Leader Program Options

NAATE offers two program options to suit schools' and teachers' preferences regarding summer schedules and time spent out of classrooms. Fellows in each program spend 350 hours of intense learning, including pre-work for each session equivalent to 5 hours per program day.

Summer Program

  • 10 days in summer
  • 3 days in winter
  • 10 days in summer

School Year Program

  • 5 days during both fall and spring of first academic year
  • 3 days in summer
  • 5 days during both fall and spring of second academic year

Program Dates

NAATE admits participants of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin

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