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NAATE is a rigorous program of learning designed for all formal sitting school leaders to examine their work and expand their capacity to lead others, cultivate talent, set vision, and meet performance goals in service of their schools.

"The depth of these conversations tease out the most pressing issues our teachers face, as well as figuring out how I can support their voices as leaders. That was pleasantly surprising and important."
-- K-8 School Principal, NAATE School Leader


The NAATE Program for School Leaders is an intense learning experience that provides practitioners with an opportunity to work alongside peers from across the country in small groups analyzing case studies that depict the real challenges that leaders face.

Participants complete extensive pre-work prior to arrival and, once in residence, participants engage in long, rich days of deep learning. Working in small groups and then through whole group discussions, participants analyze problems of practice through the lens of accompanying readings, exploring key issues of each case through inductive, facilitated discussion.


Participants witness a fundamental shift in mindset and approach to their professional life through NAATE. The practice of leading and managing professionals will shift, and a trusted cohort of high caliber peers will develop. Experienced professionals require deep learning pedagogies in order to deeply understand the underlying principles of practice. That is the work of the NAATE Program.

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