What Do NAATE Teacher Fellows Tell Us About NAATE Impact?

NAATE makes an effort to learn what teachers themselves think about their experience as NAATE Teacher Fellows by collecting self-reports from alumni and current participants. Six themes have emerged from these sel-reports:

  • NAATE is superior to other professional programs fellows have experienced.
  • NAATE teachers return to their schools with a new capacity for supporting and leading.
  • NAATE teachers return to their districts and the larger educational community with a new a new capacity for supporting and leading.
  • NAATE teachers are better equipped to foster higher level thinking, discourse, and analysis among their students.
  • NAATE teachers are encouraged and challenged by the sense of professional community and camaraderie within the NAATE network.
  • NAATE teachers experience a renewed sense of purpose, inspiration and dedication to the teaching profession.

1. Superior to other programs

The National Academy of Advanced Teacher Education has fundamentally changed who I am as an educator... improved every aspect of my practice. I have participated in several out of building professional development opportunities before NAATE, but there is simply nothing else as powerful out there. -High School Social Studies Teacher, Department Chair

...I have earned a Master's degree, National Board Certification, and attended countless workshops in and out of my school system. None of these programs has come close to impacting my teaching and my students' learning and development in the ways that the National Academy of Advanced Teacher Education (NAATE) program has done. -High School Algebra II Teacher, Nationally Board Certified

The NAATE program is truly unique. ...While at NAATE I learned more than I could have imagined. This has been the most informative and useful program that I have ever been a part of when it comes to my career. There has never been a PD session, or conference that has taught me the valuable skills and knowledge that I have gotten through NAATE... |or| given me the insight that NAATE has given me. -High School ELA Teacher, Nationally Board Certified

2. Supporting and Leading - Teacher leadership within the school and from the classroom

(Through NAATE training in)... advanced classroom practice and leadership, I could truly become a master at the teaching profession and have the skills to spread these ideas throughout the school. Not only would I have a greater positive impact on my students, but I could help other teachers grow and help their students. -High School Algebra II Teacher, Nationally Board Certified

...Two of the instructional practices - whole group discussions and "group worthiness" of an instructional task, and the Paideia Seminar - are things that have found their way into my everyday practice... |we| have demonstrated the power of these learning tools to our colleagues by hosting Learning Labs where teachers have the chance to see us directly using these tools with our students in class. - Middle School ELA Teacher

...I have also developed as a leader within the walls of my school... I have had the privilege of becoming the 6th Grade's Team Leader... we have risen to new heights with new tools gained from NAATE. ... I have helped the school...rethink challenges faced with our school's Science Fair, academic accountability, and my own expectations for student driven curriculum. I feel that I have become someone in the building who can offer ideas or more frequently who is anticipating and providing solutions. - Middle School Science Chair

For the first time ever in my professional career... I co-taught a Professional Development. My most recent endeavor is leading the rejuvenation efforts of our dormant Parent-Teacher Organization. I am the new Teacher-Liaison to outside community. Without NAATE, I do not believe I would feel as if I had the skill set to effectively lead, facilitate and/or serve as leader outside of the comfort zone of my classroom... -High School Math Teacher

3. Supporting and Leading - Teacher leadership outside the school

I was even recognized by my area superintendent and asked to provide a professional development seminar to fellow educators from 10 other Title 1 schools in our district, focusing on enhancing student discourse in the classroom. This was my first experience as a teacher leader within my district. I would be remiss if I did not credit bmy NAATE training with helping to bring me that opportunity. -8th grade ELA Teacher, Nationally Board Certified

When I led the district's Algebra 2 teachers through unpacking the new curriculum guide based around the Common Core standards by turning the learning over to the teacher professionals, I learned as much from them as they did from me, and they wrote on evaluations that it was one of the most valuable professional development sessions they had attended. All of these moments incorporated strategies that I had learned, formalized, or improved upon through NAATE... -High School Algebra II Teacher, Nationally Board Certified

4. Teaching and Learning - Fostering critical thinking

...The level of student discourse within my classroom increased beyond my greatest hopes... This new level of "student talk" paved the way for improvement in text analysis, speaking and listening skills, written analysis and response, ...multiple opportunities for students to take ownership and hold each other accountable for their educational experience...-8th grade ELA teacher, Nationally Board Certified

...The moment that I truly realized the impact NAATE had on my classroom occurred when my class of standard, below-grade level students figured out how to solve a fifth-order polynomial during a Paideia seminar.... they solved an extremely difficult fifth-order equation, determining when to use technology, what processes to use, and checking their real and imaginary answers for accuracy. More than 80% of the class contributed to the solution, and when tested on the concept, all of the students showed mastery! Before NAATE, I might have shown them the steps to memorize, or I might even haiku skipped the concept because it was "too hard". With the confidence, advanced skills, and insight gained at NAATE, I was not only willing to attempt the higher-level skill, but the students achieved success. -High School Algebra II Teacher, Nationally Board Certified

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