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NAATE's mission is to develop, leverage, and retain our nation's top-tier teachers for improved student and school performance through an intense, advanced program of study that balances instructional mastery and leadership.
The National Academy of Advanced Teacher Education (NAATE) delivers a program of study specifically designed for experienced, high-performing classroom teachers. The goals of NAATE are to equip experienced teachers with the tools to:
  • develop and deepen their classroom practice;
  • leverage leadership skills with peers and other adults outside the classroom; and
  • reaffirm their commitment to the profession of classroom teaching. 
Through an innovative and intense program of study, NAATE seeks new ways to retain our nation's most valuable educational resources: experienced and effective classroom teachers. By improving classroom practice and learning how to effectively lead and support other teachers, NAATE believes that these professionals can bring increased value to their classrooms and organizations.
NAATE is distinct from other teacher education and professional development programs because it is differentiated for the unique needs of experienced teachers who have already been identified as high-performers. NAATE brings together high-performing teachers from across the country and immerses them in an intense integrated program of study that links their daily practice to important research-based theories, frameworks, and principles of the teaching profession.
Much of the coursework offered by NAATE is taught using the Case Study Method—a pedagogical tool used in other professions, such as business and law, that allows professionals to analyze real issues in real classrooms and schools and apply what they have learned to their own practice.
NAATE is the product of exhaustive research and input from public school districts, charter management organizations, and leaders in the field of teacher education. 

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