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Winter Long Weekend Completed by 2012 Cohort
February 8, 2012

The current cohort of experienced, high performing teachers assembled in Atlanta for a long week-end of study in early February. In preparation each participant uploaded videos of their classroom practice and their work with other adults, either PD or leading team meetings. (NAATE is currently rebuilding its academic web platform to facilitate this work.) Each teacher participant was matched with another member of the cohort and followed a clear protocol to provide peer feedback prior to arrival. The week-end included a number of case-based classes, directed small group work on identified problems of practice, and a gallery walk and critique of teacher participant work. Class topics included leadership and teaming, classroom discourse, classroom assessment and content alignment, and delivering effective professional development.
Teacher participants, in spite of the rigors of their schoolwork, came extremely well-prepared and while they had not been together since last July, readapted to the case method and intensity of the work with seeming ease. The power of the non-evaluative peer feedback and strong collegial learning were in evidence throughout the weekend.

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