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Program Update: Cohorts and Cohorts and Cohorts... Oh my!
September 1, 2017

As back to school season rolls around again, NAATE’s Program Team is winding down from an awesomely busy summer. We kicked off the season in June, when Cohort X made their first trip up to New Haven.  They enjoyed the ivied walls of Yale and engaging in problem solving work through Creative Design Day.  June also saw the triumphant return of Cohort VIII, who we welcomed back to New Haven for their final session. They engaged in their final Peer Feedback Protocol, debated passionately about teacher licensure, national standards, and testing grit, and literally scaled new heights in group rock climbing.  Graduation was bittersweet, as we are so proud of Cohort VIII and will miss seeing their smiling faces in Program.
July is traditionally the busiest month for the Program Team, and this year was no exception.  We kicked things off with a bang by welcoming 96 new teacher fellows to Yale and to Cohort XI, marking this as our largest cohort yet!  Cohort XI was a highly engaged and upbeat group, and many of the teachers already felt at home at NAATE, as they knew teacher fellows in Cohort IX as well as other NAATE alumni.  They had a great first session, and we’re looking forward to seeing them again in January.
As we were wrapping up our first session with Cohort XI, we had the pleasure (and roman numeral challenge) of seeing Cohort IX return to New Haven for their final session at NAATE.  It was exciting to see them all together in one section, digging into cases on organizational effectiveness, leadership, and adult learning.  After an invigorating final ten days together, Cohort IX graduated from the program and entered the world as NAATE alumni, ready and raring to reenter their schools with a new perspective and a network of fellow teachers to support them in all of their future endeavors. 
In addition to the regular excitement of summer programs, we also were also delighted welcome a new member to the Program Team.  Tysha Vulcain, our new Manager of Program Operations, joined NAATE at the end of May, and she hit the ground running (sometimes literally, those School of Management hallways are long)!  Rather than being overwhelmed by jumping in at such a busy time, Tysha picked everything up with grace and endless positivity, and has truly been thriving in her new role.  She is a wonderful asset to both our team and NAATE as a whole, and we are thrilled and grateful to have her in our corner.
While the Program Team has been enjoying the end of summer back in NAATE’s New York office, we’ve already got our eyes and minds turned towards the fall.  As NAATE continues to grow and expand, our fall Program schedule is shaping up to be nearly as busy as the summer!  In October, we will welcome back School Leader Cohort I for their final session, and meet our newest group, School Leaders Cohort II.  On the teacher side, we’ll be seeing Cohort X once again, as they begin their final year with NAATE.  Lastly, we’re excited to meet the teachers of Cohort XII for their first session in Wilmington!
A big thank you to everyone who worked together to make this summer a success, and here’s to a busy and exciting fall ahead!

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