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A Note From Maia Merin: NAATE Presents "Mapping Mastery"
May 17, 2017

In May, NAATE presented the findings from its “Mapping Mastery” report on the skills and competencies associated with teaching and learning in personalized learning environments.  The session was very well attended by school, network and teacher leaders from across the country. NAATE highlighted the work from its research, including: 
1. The knowledge and understanding of pedagogy and content in personalized learning environments needs to be honed to allow PL teachers to match the wide array of learning experiences and modalities to their learning objectives.
2. For students to be the drivers of their own learning, they need a rich set of metacognitive skills. Students must be able to self-regulate, plan, self-assess, modify and reflect on their own learning.
3.  Given the centrality of student ownership in PL models, educators in these settings must be even more attuned to the psycho-social needs of students so that they can support students to be successful.
4.  Even as data systems become more integrated and more teacher-friendly in nature, PL educators would benefit from more clearly defined expectations on how teachers should use, integrate and make decisions based on the data that is generated across the range of platforms and learning experiences.
5.  There is interest in created personalized professional learning opportunities for PL educators and there is opportunity to support PL schools to design and implement meaningful and intentional options for teacher development. 
During the session, participants also had the opportunity to engage in small group discussions, addressing critical questions in PL implementation. They shared the results of their discussions and the session concluded with a reflection on where PL educators might go from here, knowing what we know now. Read "Mapping Mastery" here.
-- Maia Merin

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