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NAATE Program From Winter to Summer
May 12, 2017

After a wonderful January with Cohort IX, we were excited to jump right back into action in Wilmington for our February and March Programs!  Both sessions brought us some familiar faces from the fall: we saw Cohort X in February and School Leader Cohort I in March, both back for their second sessions with NAATE.  
Cohort X kicked off their second NAATE session by engaging in exciting discussions about passion and purpose through the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi.  Questions of leadership and communication stayed at the forefront of talks about Parent Involvement and departmental leadership.  Cohort X also thought and spoke candidly about the question of race at Stonehill Charter School, and pedagogical content knowledge with Ms. Humphrey.  We loved closing out the session by hearing each Teacher Fellow’s Public Speech on what they’ve taken away from NAATE so far.
With Cohort I of School Leaders in March, we were delighted to have several members of our 2015 School Leader intensive join the group as full Cohort members.  As our first full Cohort of School Leaders, we were so excited to see Cohort I tackle the challenges of cases on hiring, team communication, and leadership styles.  From the fires of Mann Gulch and Storm King to the thoughtful reflections on what it means to truly listen, School Leader Cohort I shared and spoke thoughtfully, passionately, and with an eagerness to learn from each other.  
While spring may just have sprung, we’re already thinking ahead to our NAATE summer sessions!  We’ll be looking forward to reuniting with Cohorts VIII, IX, and X, as well as School Leader Cohort I, and to welcoming a new brand cohort of Teacher Fellows to NAATE.

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