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Leading & Learning: Professional Development for the Classroom Teacher
March 15, 2017

NAATE believes that teacher leaders are best equipped to deliver high quality, 'job embedded' professional development. If professional development is tailored to the needs of the various participants, it will be valued, and participants will become more engaged in their practice, and more open to change and improvement. In this way, strong professional development can be a powerful lever in transforming the work of professionals in schools. Teacher leaders are best positioned to design and lead such efforts given their competency, influence, understanding of the context, intimate knowledge of the content, and the documented power of peer learning.

This monograph, by NAATE Team members Maia Merin, Deb Levitzky, Cara Candal and Tony Klemmer, contains a foreword by Tracy Epp, and begins by exploring the differences in the needs of adult learners and the K-12 students they are responsible for. The monograph presents clearly the many important aspects of peer-to-peer learning in a thought provoking and intentional way.

And it is available for purchase in the NAATE Online Store.


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