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Back-To-School means end of the NAATE Summer Programs for another year!
September 1, 2016

As usual for NAATE, July was a whirlwind of a month! We welcomed Cohort IX to the NAATE Program and saw them engage with the case study method and their small groups, producing some lively discussions and personal growth among participants. There was fun outside the classroom as well! Cohort IX had the chance to explore New Haven during a scavenger hunt, where they challenged each other to dance to “Thriller” on the New Haven green, and discovered the birthplace of the hamburger. Their first NAATE session culminated with dancing and mashed potato pizza at BAR, and their final public speaking session which was celebratory and showed how far the cohort had come from the beginning of July.

We wrapped up July by bidding farewell to Cohort VII. They tested their mental strength through busy days of intense Organization Effectiveness, Leadership and Adult Learning cases and prepping for debate. A highlight of debate this year was having New Haven public school students judge the debates. After delivering persuasive debates, they flexed their physical muscles with rock climbing! We celebrated all 53 Teacher Fellows with a celebratory dinner and graduation at the end of the session at Barcelona. We look forward to hearing about their continued successes inside and outside of the classroom!

The Program Team is currently preparing for our fall programs. NAATE is launching the first cohort for the School Leader Program in October. If you know a school leader who may be a good fit please reach out to us. We are also looking forward to meeting Cohort X and seeing Cohort VIII in November in Wilmington, DE.

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