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A Year in Review: NAATE Program Update
December 14, 2015

NAATE had a busy year as we welcomed several new and returning cohorts. We had ten program sessions in which educators were immersed in our rigorous, inquiry based approach to learning taught through the case method of instruction.

New cohorts delved into both domains of the NAATE curriculum: Teaching & Learning as well as Supporting & Leading, exploring teaming, leadership, communications, assessment, equity and efficacy, critical thinking and reasoning, and adult learning, among other topics. Meanwhile, educators in returning cohorts experienced thoughtful discussions focused on managing within organizations, the impact of structures and culture on organizational effectiveness, pedagogical content knowledge, creative design, coaching and leading other adults in differentiated learning. 

We also held our third program exclusively designed for School Leaders interested in expanding their own capacity to lead and leverage and deepen the practice of their experienced, high-performing teachers. Participants joined us from 13 states and several dozen charter, district and faith-based school organizations throughout the year. NAATE believes that by developing all formal school leaders and teacher leaders together within these schools, the entire school communities can better focus on collective school improvement.

Principal Ronnie Mackin of Raleigh Egypt Middle School (Memphis, TN), who attended the School Leader program, speaks about the impact of NAATE on his teacher leaders:

“Teachers who have been through the NAATE Intensive training exude energy and efficacy toward the work. We have built a teacher-designed culture where I have released almost all of the decision making to the culture team, the NAATE alumni. Through the same time period compared to last year, REMS had 160 disciplinary referrals last year and so far this year we have 41. Talk about impacting the work.” –Ronnie Mackin, Principal, Raleigh Egypt Middle School 

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