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NAATE Case Study Method Training to be Launched this May
April 21, 2015

NAATE is excited to be conducting our first ever case study method training in Providence, Rhode Island on May 1- May 3rd.  This weekend will allow NAATE alums along with other educators who are interested in the pedagogy and who are friends of NAATE to try their hand at this nuanced, challenging and engaging form of pedagogy.  We have challenged participants to prepare to lead their colleagues in a case study.  Participants will work closely with a NAATE staff member, serving in an advisory role, to hone their plans.

Also, during this same weekend, Section Advisors for Cohort VII, alumni who will join the NAATE staff for the summer in New Haven, will participate in a training.  Over the course of the weekend, Section Advisors will engage with the subtleties of the art of providing critical feedback in a way that is respectful and constructive.  NAATE recognizes the challenge of giving feedback in a field that is not accustomed to peers doing so.


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