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Teacher Alumni continuing to support the NAATE mission
March 12, 2014

In recognition of the important work achieved by the NAATE Teacher Fellow alumni, and in an effort to leverage their experience to enhance the learning of the current Teacher Fellows’ learning, we are delighted to announce that moving forward NAATE alumni will be employed as Section Advisors for future NAATE Programs. We piloted this concept with huge success in Nashville last month, where NAATE alumni provided detailed participant observation and feedback as well as general feedback on instructors. This summer, we will be joined by NAATE Teacher Alumni Evan Burns, Efrat Kussell, Danielle Hayden, Josie Malone, LaToya Bryant, Tracey Neubrand and Maureen O’Hern as Section Advisors. If you are a NAATE Teacher Alum with interest in this role, please e-mail us and let us know.


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