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NAATE Announces School Year Program
April 30, 2013

Based on the interest of many of its partner school organizations, NAATE is launching a School Year Program that includes two five-day sessions during the school year. This model serves the demand for the program for qualifying teachers who are unable to attend the ten-day Summer Program and provides options for schools with conflicting summer programs.

The NAATE School Year Program delivers the Summer I curriculum in two five-day sessions over the course of the 2013-2014 academic year, with one session in the fall and one session in the spring. Each session will be a five-day extended weekend. This minimizes the time that teachers are out of their classroom, while still providing high quality professional learning for top tier teachers. (Teachers miss three days of school for each session. Partner organizations agree to secure coverage for the teachers’ classes on those days.)

The School Year Program takes place in residence in Providence, RI for the five-day sessions, drawing teachers from partner organizations from around the country.

The planned dates are Wednesday, October 23 (evening arrival) – Monday, October 28 for the fall session (afternoon departure) and Wednesday, February 26 (evening arrival) – Monday, March 3 (afternoon departure) for the spring session.

Strong preference is given to candidates from partner organizations that take part in the NAATE Summer Program.

Work Requirements

Teacher Fellows are expected to complete 20-25 hours of pre-work prior to each session including readings, web-based activities and writing exercises. After successfully completing the full School Year Program, Teacher Fellows are eligible to complete the Summer II curriculum by participating in a second School Year Program. For those Teacher Fellows who continue in the School Year Program, NAATE offers one three-day session during the summer, analogous to the long weekend NAATE hosts for Teacher Fellows in the flagship Summer Program. The program also requires teachers to complete their inquiry learning projects upon returning to their school sites.

Candidates for the School Year Program will meet the same qualifications as all NAATE Teacher Fellows:

  • 3 to 8 years classroom teaching experience
  • Committed to classroom teaching and remaining in the classroom for at least two years
  • Teacher of Grade 3 through 12 (core subjects)
  • Top performer based on organization metrics including student achievement goals
  • Part of small cluster from participating school
  • Open to learning from high performing peers
  • Demonstrate the NAATE core principles of perseverance, humility, justice, and learning.

For more information about taking part in the School Year Program, please contact Michelle LeMeur at or (401) 371 – 0001 x 1001.

11A Bridge Street
Newport, Rhode Island 02840

(401) 371.0001