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In the Principals' Words
"He's so much more confident. Doing a remarkable job in his instruction—really giving kids opportunities to apply what they are learning"
"He came back invigorated, inspired, motivated, re-energized—all of this gave him the ability to do better work."
"There was amazing growth throughout the year. The level of conversation of these [middle schoolers], I wouldn't have expected that level until college. What I observed, it wouldn't have happened in his classroom last year. No way."

"The year before NAATE, she struggled with working with other adults. It was about control. Then she had the [NAATE] summer experience. Her perspective changed. Now she takes the time to reflect on how what she says comes across"
"They came back as leaders. Especially after the winter session—they were on fire."
"Even in the way he runs meetings: the minutes are more rigorous, structured, organized. There's continuity. Before they were just discussions, now the meetings are agenda led."
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